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6 Ways to Boost Organic Engagement

There’s a huge difference between using social media for personal reasons and using it to grow your business. It’s a whole new world on the business side. While you can easily get 100 likes on your new profile … Read More

InFocus Marketing Sessions – April 2017

Our guest this month was Diana VanDeMark from Business Recharge and we talked about how to make the most of your marketing dollars. Being able to correctly target your marketing efforts is extremely important to your business, so you’ll want to watch this! … Read More

How to A/B Test Your Content to Increase Engagement

First of all, what is A/B testing? A/B testing is the process of testing two web elements to establish which one performs better. It’s hard to establish exactly what your audience is looking for in your content and on … Read More

3 Tips for Online Marketing Videos

Today I’m going to give you three tips for your business’s online marketing videos.

Tip number one doesn’t even really have anything to do with the video, it’s more about the thumbnail image. Thumbnail images are the little images … Read More

6 Ways to Grab Your Viewer’s Attention

We know video helps you get your point across, but you have to grab your viewers attention first. Your online audience has a short attention span and has most likely come across your video while scrolling on their phones. … Read More

Two Video Marketing Trends to Get on Board With

Video marketing is an ever changing environment. It evolves quickly and new practices pop up all the time. We’ve already talked about why you should take advantage of video marketing, but we wanted to take a closer look at … Read More

InFocus Marketing Sessions – March 2017

Our guest this month was Nancy Peltonen from the Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce and we talked about networking and marketing. Networking is a huge part of marketing yourself and your business, so you’ll want to watch this one!

Who is Nancy?Read More

Three Tips for Engaging Trade Show Videos

As a video marketing company, we interact with many different kinds of businesses. And we quickly came to the understanding that for every trade out there, there’s a trade show to go with it. We’ve seen trade shows for restaurant safety, the … Read More

Influencer Marketing: Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader and Grow Your Business

Influencer marketing is a popular way to reach out to your target market. Influencers are able to connect with your audience and create new content for your brand that will increase sales. However, instead of working with influencers outside … Read More

How to Use Video Marketing to Reach a New Audience

If your business needs to reach a new audience, there’s no better method than video. If you’re trying to engage with a new target market, introduce a new product, or announce a change in your business, video will allow you to … Read More