March 22, 2017

6 Ways to Grab Your Viewer’s Attention

phone on youtube load screen

We know video helps you get your point across, but you have to grab your viewers attention first. Your online audience has a short attention span and has most likely come across your video while scrolling on their phones. Because of this, it’s important to grab your viewers attention as quickly as possible before they move onto the next thing. Preferably in the first seven seconds.

Below are our key tips for the beginning of your video so you can grab your viewers attention and get them to watch your video.

Tell your viewers why they should pay attention.

Move quickly to the hook and be clear about what your viewers will get out of watching your video. Use facts, questions, or stories to illustrate the point of your video. The intro should make your viewers want to keep watching, not slowly build up to your message. Your information should be shared in a inverted pyramid style. The most important point that your audience needs to know is first, then break down the details.

Appeal to emotion.

Curiosity, sympathy, nostalgia, shock – any of these emotions will resonate with your viewers. By generating an immediate emotional response, you’ll instantly draw in those viewers and get them to stay.

Make the video about them.

Your audience wants to know what you can do for them, not how great you are. You can briefly introduce your brand, but focus mainly on what you can provide for your viewers. You want them to know why they should choose your product/service. Then let them go and tell everyone how great you are after you’ve won them over as a customer. Be authentic, not sales-y.

Be relatable.

We say this all the time! Video allows you to give a face to your business and connect to your viewers on a human level. You’re not just a brand.

Keep an eye on quality and speed.

People are significantly less likely to watch a video with low sound and video quality. Make sure your videos are high quality and that they are on a server that will load fast.

Choose and eye catching thumbnail.

Choose an interesting and important thumbnail from your video or upload a custom one. You want it to be visually appealing to your viewers and make them want to click your video. It should also capture the essence of your video.


Now that you got your viewer’s attention, keep them hooked! Present your content in a conversational way.


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