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Facebook vs. Twitter

Many marketers may claim one platform is better than the other; however, you’ll never get a concrete answer no matter how many people you ask. That’s because the issue doesn’t have anything to do with which social network … Read More

Benefits of Time-Lapse Construction Videos

Regardless of how fast people wish they could make things go, construction projects can take a significant amount of time to complete. Because they take so long, it can be useful to provide updates during construction or take a … Read More

5 Twitter Tips Everyone Should Know

Twitter is an extremely fast paced social media site. It’s usually difficult for brands to maintain an active account without getting their content lost in all the noise. However, Twitter has over 1 billion monthly visits through embedded tweets … Read More

Should You Use 360 Video for Your Business?

Right now is the best time to jump into 360 video.

360-degree videos are filmed with cameras that are able to capture all angles of the environment around them. I’m sure you’ve seen a few videos on Facebook … Read More

How to Use Social Media as a Nonprofit

Initially, the appeal of social media was that brands were able to reach out and communicate with their audience easily and without impacting their budgets. However, as popularity has grown and algorithms keep updating, paid ads have become the … Read More

3 SEO Tips for Your YouTube Description Box

You put so much time and effort into creating your marketing video, promoting your channel, and telling people about your new video. But when you uploaded it to YouTube, you skipped right over filling in the description box … Read More

InFocus Marketing Sessions – July 2017

Every month at the 142 Productions Studio we host our live show, InFocus Marketing Sessions where we sit down with marketing professionals from the Space Coast.

This month we were joined by Akaila Amara from Digital Graphics and … Read More

Top 4 Benefits of Social Media for Your Business

We know you’re constantly hearing how social media marketing will benefit your business. However, it’s not just marketing that social media can play a huge role in. Whether you’re already incorporating social media and just need more ideas, … Read More

How Your Business Can Benefit from Using Facebook Live

Have you seen other businesses using Facebook Live? Are you wondering how your business could actually benefit from using it? In general, using live video will improve your Facebook reach, and there are plenty of ways your business can … Read More

New Trends and Tech in Video Marketing

If you would like to see how using construction videos can increase the engagement with your customers, call us at 321-802-3169 to set up a FREE video consultation.142 Productions for a free video marketing consultation!

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