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Video Can Lead to More Clients for Your Real Estate Business

We know that in our current housing marketing, getting a house sold isn’t really an issue. But that’s not the only concern you have as a realtor. Video marketing can be beneficial in real estate for so many reasons. … Read More

7 Mistakes You Might Be Making on Social Media

Social media marketing for small businesses is a lot of trial and error. You’re constantly performing A/B testing, dealing with platform changes, and trying to evaluate your customer and establish what type of content they like to engage with.

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A Facebook Algorithm Update & Tips for Increasing Engagement

Facebook recently announced their latest algorithm update that they plan to start rolling out in the next few weeks. Pretty soon you’ll start to see some drastic changes to your Facebook (and Instagram) newsfeed. As an individual Facebook user, you’ll … Read More

5 Ways Successful Marketers Are Using YouTube

Working on planning your next video campaign? Wondering what tactics successful marketers implement when creating their YouTube pre-roll ads?

We all know that YouTube pre-roll ads are powerful. Audiences retain 95% of your message when they get it through … Read More

How to Optimize Your Facebook Ad Strategy

Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising platforms that your business can use to reach customers. 93% of marketers are taking advantage of the networks fine-tuned targeting tools. The network can be a game changer for businesses that … Read More

5 Ways to Get More Views on Your Facebook Videos

The Facebook algorithm is constantly changing but it always has the same goal in mind: a better user experience. This means more entertaining and less promotional content. While the algorithm does favor video content in general, organic reach seems to … Read More

Why Non-Profit Organizations Should Use Video

Quality video content costs money, so it’s easy to understand why a non-profit organization with limited funds would shy away from making that kind of investment. However, video content can actually be great for a non-profit.

By partnering … Read More

B2B Video Marketing Strategies

Marketers are constantly leveraging the power of online video in their marketing plans. Video has proven to be successful even in B2B marketing messages. Over 80% of senior executives said they are watching more online video today than they … Read More

Case Study: Live Streaming the 2017 Space Coast Symposium

The Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce hosted their inaugural Space Coast Symposium last month. It was a chance for community members to hear from local leaders as well as elected officials, to discuss Brevard County’s social and economic future.   … Read More

Facebook vs. Twitter

Many marketers may claim one platform is better than the other; however, you’ll never get a concrete answer no matter how many people you ask. That’s because the issue doesn’t have anything to do with which social network … Read More