January 16, 2017

InFocus Marketing Sessions – January 2017


We hope you enjoyed 142 Productions‘ FIRST InFocus Marketing Session! Our guest was Matt from Next Level Digital Marketing. The topic was SEO/Conversion Focused Marketing and what it means to you as a business owner. This is good stuff and as a business owner you should know about it!

We’ve posted the recorded episode here in case you missed us live or wanted to watch again!

What are InFocus Marketing Sessions?
Every month we’re hosting a Facebook Live show focused on marketing tips and current trends. We’ve met with other marketing & advertising companies from the Space Coast who have a wealth of knowledge and we’d like to share a bit of that knowledge with you!

Who is Matt?
Matthew Vazquez has over a decade of experience in digital marketing. Consulting with large brands such as Disney and Marvel, Matthew is one of the original online marketing pioneers during Google’s infancy in the early 2000’s, specializing in SEO and Lead Generation. After operating as a consultant for many years, Matthew decided it was time to open an Agency to serve clients from beginning to end, thus Next Level Digital Marketing was born in early 2016. Next Level has already gained national recognition in its short time – winning top 10 SEO agency in the USA, and being invited to exclusive Social Media Influencer events.

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  1. Just watched InFocus with Matt from Next Level Marketing. Great info. Thanks! Looking forward to watching on Mar 22 2017.

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