August 18, 2015

Video Production Lingo

We have a lot of video production lingo that we use to talk about our gear and techniques. So we’d thought we let you in on the jargon.

  • We call our tripods, sticks.
  • A clapper or slate is used to sync video and sound.
  • A scrim helps cut back light.
  • A snoot helps direct light.
  • An extension cord is a stinger.
  • Headphones are called cans.
  • And a simple clothespin is a C-47… Why? No one really knows, everybody’s got a different theory.
  • Apple boxes are used to hold gear or to stand on.
  • Zebras are stripy lines in camera’s viewfinder to show if an area is overexposed or hot.
  • A dolly is a camera move where the camera moves towards or away from the subject.
  • A truck is when the camera moves from side to side.
  • A shot filmed without sound is labeled as MOS.
  • ADR, or automatic dialog replacement, is when audio lines are dubbed over footage, we do this when there are audio problems on set or if you want to put in a new voice entirely.
  • B-Roll is footage that is used to cutaway from the main footage and is typically covered with a voice over, or VO.
  • A rack focus is when focus shifts from one point to another.
  • And the martini shot is the last shot of the day!

That’s just a few examples of the lingo that we use in the world of video production. Next time we’ll explain what a ‘turtle’ and ‘helicopter’ is!

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