November 29, 2016

Video is Everywhere!


It wasn’t too long ago when businesses wanted to advertise using video, they only thought of TV commercials or infomercials. And while that still works great for some businesses, it was out of reach for smaller businesses financially.

But now there are many different venues and platforms for any business to use video advertising that won’t break the bank.  Today video can be used on your company’s website, on social media, on youtube preroll ads, in movie theaters, believe it or not on napkin holders at restaurants and bars, even at gas pumps, like this video that we just did for Launch Federal Credit Union.

The perks for advertising at these venues is that your audience is captive and in most cases is way more affordable than advertising on TV.

An important aspect of video marketing is tracking your video’s effectiveness to make sure that you’re getting a good return on your  investment.  If your advertising for a specific promotion or special, in your video you can lead viewers to custom landing pages, to use unique promo codes, or to mention the ad when they come into your business to be able track if the ad is working.

If you wanted to see how video can help your business, contact us at 142 Productions for a free 30 minute video marketing consultation.

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