June 2, 2013

Using Video Production to Grow Your Business

Today information is coming at us from all angles. Streaming at us faster than our minds can absorb from our televisions, radios, computers and even the phones in our pockets. What we choose to retain is only what we find entertaining, informative, or engaging. And the best way to guarantee our attention is to do all three at once.

With this abundance of information, the audience’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter. They don’t want to miss out on something because they were paying attention to something else. And in most cases they know what they’re looking for, so if what they’re looking at isn’t giving the info that they need and quickly, they leave and look for it elsewhere.

With this abundance of information, the audience’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter.

If you’re a business owner who wants to grow your business you have to speak to your customer so that they understand your product or service and how it will help them improve their lives. And you have to tell them in a way that’s to the point and engaging. How you say your message is just as important as the message itself. Video is a great avenue for this approach.

With video you can tell a story that shows a problem and then shows how your product or service can give a solution to that problem.

You can talk directly to your customer letting them know, person to person, how your company gives personal attention, assuring the customer that they won’t be just a number.

Another way to tell your customer the benefits of your product or service is to let other people tell them that you’ve helped in the past. This shows your track record and let’s your customer connect, through your product, to other people whom they can relate to.

Sometimes the best way to tell others about your product or service is not by literally giving a black and white explanation of what it does. Sometimes the best way is to focus on the result or feeling that it provides. After all, isn’t that why they would be interested in the product in the first place? What they want necessarily isn’t the product or service itself, but the feeling or peace of mind that offers as a result.
These are just some of the techniques that video can offer and best of all, they can say what they have to say quickly. Most videos should be able to successfully portray their message within a few minutes or even a few seconds. Remember, all you have to do to convey your message is give your customer that one explanation, that one connection, that one feeling to help them understand how your product or service will be beneficial to their lives.

As someone who has worked in video production and advertising in Melbourne, FL and on the Space Coast for the last 10 years, I have seen videos make an impression on people. They connect to the product and relate to it on a level that other mediums can’t match. A properly placed web video or TV commercial can make all the difference in the world!