February 27, 2013

Taking the Show on the Road!

Last week we were on the road for a full week of shooting in Florida’s capital, Tallahassee.  We filmed 5 new episodes for the cooking show and it was a great success!

Traveling has always been near and dear to my heart, so I get excited when I get a chance to take our work on the road. Tallahassee was great – so much history and politicians everywhere!

Even though it’s only a five hour drive for us, it felt like a different world! The trees are taller, all of the buildings are made from brick, and they actually have hills (something that us more southern Floridians are not used to seeing).

The show is shot with a mixture of cameras including 2 HVX200As, an HPX170, a 60D, and 2 GoPros. The lighting is done with two Arri kits and a LED kit.

A collaboration of production companies come together to make the show happen including, 142 Productions, Tight Line Productions,  Digital Zoetrope Productions, and Josh Malyn Productions.

It was a great week and now that production is over for this set of episodes we are moving right into post this week to get them on the air.