Public Speaking Videos

Public Speaking Videos Certification - 142 Productions

You’re a public speaker, and you’re great at what you do.

Whether it’s talking to a group of professionals in a corporate setting or guest speaking at a public forum, you engage your audience and get their attention. Using a customized public speaking video by 142 Productions, you’ll have the best tool to share with an event sponsor or venue that you’re the perfect keynote speaker for their function.



Public Speaking Videos

Our Public Speaking Demo Videos act as a teaser trailer to your speaking skills. Our crew films at one of your speaking engagements and we film highlights of your speech, including shots of you and shots of your audience. After your speech we film select man-on-the-street style testimonies with your audience members, allowing your viewers to hear first hand accolades. Finally we film a segment with you where you get an opportunity to speak directly to the viewer, giving examples of your history and experience. Then we edit your video together using the best lines and the best testimonies, adding music graphics, and your contact information to make complete video package that is perfect for use on your website and in your social media campaigns.


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Public Speaking certification videos - 142 Productions