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Proposal Gurus a web-based business that helps companies find proposal creation professionals. They needed a video to explain to the world who they are and what they do. The video featured the cofounders speaking on the benefits of both being a customer AND being a guru. So the video had dual objectives of appealing to two audiences. On screen animations and graphics were created to show the website’s features.



Principle photography was filmed with two cameras. The main benefit of filming with two cameras is that one camera is getting a wide shot while the other is capturing a close up. This gives the opportunity to cut between shots more often which increases the pace of the video as well as viewer engagement. Filming with two cameras also can help in the editing process. For example, if the person being interviewed starts a statement strong, fumbles a little in the middle, but ends strong. The wide shot could be used for the beginning and the fumble can be cut out by cutting to the close up shot for the ending, making a complete statement that flows flawlessly.


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