142 productions loves Choffy

Choffy is a brewed chocolate drink (and quite delicious, I might add) that independent distributors sell at home tastings. They’ve been featured in numerous publications and on several TV shows too!

They needed a video that would promote the product and all it’s benefits, as well as, showing the perks of becoming a Choffy distributor.  The video needed to be 4 to 6 minutes long and would be showed at home tastings on DVD, tablets, phones and also social media and their website.

The video production was filmed over 2 days and included five interviews, home tasting B-roll, and product shots. We used 2 DSLRs to film principle photography as well as a few gopros for creative pick-up shots. We are very pleased with the final product and the client was estatic!  We feel that we captured the distributors’ and founder’s passion for the product with their interviews.

Here are a few production stills from the shoot:

We’re really happy with the final product! The Choffy team’s dedication and enthusiasm about their product really helped make the video great!


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