Atlantic Pack N Parcel

Atlantic Pack N Parcel

Branding Videos, TV Commercials, and Web Videos

Atlantic Pack N’ Parcel is a locally owned business for over 10 years in Indialantic, FL. They’re the best at what they do – Packing, shipping, printing and basic business services for beachside residents and businesses. We had a blast creating unique videos for their unique business!

In the past, they had tried everything to advertise their business; mailers, facebook ads, and newspaper ads but with limited results.

The Solution

They were close to a local theatre, so we created several videos to play as ads before the movies. The videos were an instant hit and they became local celebrities!  The videos were also placed on their website and Facebook.

We started with a general video about their business and their shipping services. 

The owners, Lauris and Scott, are huge movie fans and wanted to create videos that played homage to their roots so a few of the videos have movie references. 🙂 

And finally, we created a Christmas themed video featuring Santa’s Little Helpers!

Behind the Scenes

Atlantic Pack N Parcel saw an uptick in walk-ins and they became front of mind with their current customer base.  If you’re ever in the area, stop by and say hello! They adopted two cats who live on the premises, they’re the friendliest cats we’ve ever met and they’re always up for a treat!

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