February 28, 2017

Three Tips for Engaging Trade Show Videos

As a video marketing company, we interact with many different kinds of businesses. And we quickly came to the understanding that for every trade out there, there’s a trade show to go with it.
We’ve seen trade shows for restaurant safety, the cruise industry, communications – the list goes on and on.

And I’m not talking about small hotel ballroom trade shows, I’m talking about super busy convention-center-filling- thousands-of attendees-trade shows.

And if you’ve ever had a booth at a trade show or attended one of these shows, you know it’s sensory overload. Booth after booth, all vying for attention. And your booth can get lost in the mix.

That’s where video comes in – a looping video is a great way to grab attention. And like moths to a flame, we can’t help but look at TVs. You only have a few moments to get them to notice you as they walk by, so your video has to be instantly engaging.

Here are some quick tips to make an engaging tradeshow video:

Make it visual:

Exhibit floors are noisy places, so having audio on your video is usually a no-go. Make sure that the footage and animations that you use are Bright and Enticing!

Stick to your Branding:

Attendees are going to see hundreds of different videos that day, make your’s memorable, use your company colors throughout the video and keep your logo in the frame as much as possible. There’s no reason to have a slick video, if they don’t remember which company it was for.

Stay Focused:

You want to grab their attention with the best of your company or product…just enough to get them to pause at your booth and give your staff an opportunity to engage. Don’t try and fit everything about your business in the video, FOCUS on your top key points and let your sales team do the rest.


Booth videos are just a part of what you can do to take advantage of the exposure that trade shows offer.

Before the show, attendees are searching for info about the conference on social media. Create a quick promotional video before the show inviting attendees to stop by your booth. This is a great opportunity to talk about any giveaways you have planned for that day too!

A tour of the booth or the show floor for people who cannot attend is also a great way to get in front of your audience.

And there’s a good chance that some of your current customers will be at the trade show. On-the-spot testimonies at your booth are a great third-party endorsement.

All of these methods can really maximize the potential exposure of your business. Remember to keep it visual, use your branding, focus on your key points, and make use of the excitement that the trade show offers.

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