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18 Aug '15

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Video Production Lingo

We have a lot of video production lingo that we use to talk about our gear and techniques. So we’d thought we let you in on the jargon.

  • We call our tripods, sticks.
  • A clapper or slate is … Read More
06 Feb '14

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Video Has Come A Long Way

With YouTube and online video being the top dogs for viewing videos today, it’s hard to believe that video has been around for as long as it has.Read More

28 Jan '14

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Having Fun While Filming

Video production on the high seas! We needed our passports, because the cooking show that we work on was taking the show on the Liberty of the Seas. Read More

13 Feb '13

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Shooting Video on a DSLR sort of feels like home

We’ve been shooting with video ever since we’ve done video production in Brevard. The only opportunity that we’ve ever had to shoot on Super 16 and 35mm was in film school! I might sound like a bit of a romantic here, … Read More

03 Feb '13

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I love the Superbowl… commercials

It’s that time of the year again. It’s Superbowl time! My favorite part of the Superbowl isn’t the halftime show, the finger foods, or even the game itself, it’s always been about the commercials! Advertisers are paying millons of dollars … Read More

27 Jan '13

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Working in the World of Apple with Video Production

Ever since I was getting my Film and Video degree over 10 years ago I’ve always edited on a Mac.  I started out cutting on a Media 100 system but then shortly after I started learning Final Cut Pro and … Read More