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16 Sep '13

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New Gear for a Growing Video Production Business

The world of video production is constantly changing, and to offer the best product as a videographer, you have to grow with it. That’s why in recent months we have upped our arsenal at 142 Productions with a whole new set of equipment.Read More

11 Sep '13

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Check out the video projects we’ve been working on!

We have been working on all different kinds of projects from cooking shows to car commercials to restaurant promos. Working in the video production field, everyday presents itself with a new challenge, and I mean that in a good way!Read More

04 Sep '13

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Producing a Crowdfunding video for Kickstarter

Over the past couple of years, crowdfunding has been making a big impact. Sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have given individuals the chance they need to raise capital.  They can create projects for pretty much … Read More

10 Jul '13

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Prepping your Business for Video Production

The idea of producing a video can seem overwhelming, but teaming up with a good video production company can make the process smooth and even fun!Read More

02 Jun '13

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Using Video Production to Grow Your Business

Today information is coming at us from all angles. Streaming at us faster than our minds can absorb from our televisions, radios, computers and even the phones in our pockets. What we choose to retain is only what we … Read More

09 Apr '13

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Recap on a Busy Month of Video Production

Over the last month we’ve been busy working on some great projects.

To start I worked for a full week in Puerto Rico working as camera op on a travel show that focuses on local cuisine and surfing. The … Read More

27 Feb '13

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Taking the Show on the Road!

Last week we were on the road for a full week of shooting in Florida’s capital, Tallahassee.  We filmed 5 new episodes for the cooking show and it was a great success!

Traveling has always been near and dear to my … Read More

13 Feb '13

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Shooting Video on a DSLR sort of feels like home

We’ve been shooting with video ever since we’ve done video production in Brevard. The only opportunity that we’ve ever had to shoot on Super 16 and 35mm was in film school! I might sound like a bit of a romantic here, … Read More

03 Feb '13

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I love the Superbowl… commercials

It’s that time of the year again. It’s Superbowl time! My favorite part of the Superbowl isn’t the halftime show, the finger foods, or even the game itself, it’s always been about the commercials! Advertisers are paying millons of dollars … Read More

27 Jan '13

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Working in the World of Apple with Video Production

Ever since I was getting my Film and Video degree over 10 years ago I’ve always edited on a Mac.  I started out cutting on a Media 100 system but then shortly after I started learning Final Cut Pro and … Read More