360 Video

A big step in the evolution of creative content!

The rising popularity of 360 or spherical video offers an immersive experience where the viewer has full control to look around inside the video. This gives them an engaging video experience that makes them feel like they are right in the middle of your business or the action!

360 video is great for virtual tours of your business or your event as well. The best part is there’s no VR helmet required! Viewers can look around with their phone or by scrolling with their mouse.

Ways to Use 360 Video:

If you have an event coming up, 360 video is a great way to show it off to people who weren’t able to be there. Attendees may also share your video after the event is over. Events like concerts, conventions, and announcements could all benefit by further extending the experience through 360 video.
360 video can be a fun way to do an office tour, show off a newly listed real estate property, or invite viewers into your store or restaurant. It allows the viewer to control their perspective as if they were actually there and make sure they get a look at everything.
This type of content changes the game for tourism businesses. What better way to showcase your destination than to allow viewers to explore it from their phones? You’re giving them a video that’ll let them see how great the destination is, which will make them want to travel there even more.

National Geographic uses 360 videos to give their viewers a close up look at some environmental wonders they may not ever get to see. Like swimming with tiger sharks in the Bahamas, following around a group of lions, or exploring a reef like in the video above.

360 video can be used to show off your product and take viewers through the process of how it came together. You can invite them to experience the creation of your product or take them into a situation where your product would be used.
Since it’s immersive technology, it’s like taking your viewer on an experience with you. Take your customer/client on an interactive journey through an experience!

360 video is a big step in the evolution of creative content! There are so many businesses that could benefit from trying it and it’s much more affordable than people realize. It’s a new and unique tool that marketers should consider the value of while they’re brainstorming content ideas.

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